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So, I Got This E-Mail…

March 13, 2009

A month ago, I posted my annual “State of Recruiting” post. In that post, I called out and cussed out Sports Illustrated writer, Andy Staples.

He answered back tonight…

Mr. Domer,

I was just about to send an e-mail to another ND blogger, and I did a quick Google search to make sure I hadn’t wronged him in a past life. I came across this post…

I hate to tell you this, but I had never seen your blog until tonight. I got the idea for that project from a combination a conversation with Tommy Tuberville about the relative success of recruits from within 200 miles of campus and from Richard at, who has been doing maps like this for a few years. Richard and I corresponded a little bit as I worked on the project, and we’ve shared some data. As for the title, I blame my editors. I didn’t even suggest one.

After you’ve written for a while, you’ll get used to seeing something you’ve thought of swiped — usually unintentionally — by someone else. When I covered Florida for The Tampa Tribune, I did a feature on Corey Brewer that must have been aped by approximately 700 writers by the time the Gators rolled into the Final Four. Nobody plagiarized me. They all got their own quotes, but it still ticked me off every time I saw the story regurgitated in another outlet. I definitely understand how you feel. I would have said F me, too.

Andy Staples
Staff Writer

I wrote him back write away and thanked him for his e-mail. I also apologized for the manner of the response in the post and told him I was going to issue a retraction on Subway Domer. So, I’m issuing a retraction. How about that? I overreacted. It’s happened before, and my apologies to Andy.

The Subway Domer