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Richard Jackson And The Disappearing Juniors

August 15, 2008

Richard Jackson has decided to leave the program. A free article is up at BGI.

The depth Notre Dame has acquired at WR was pushing the talented yet often injured Jackson further and further down the depth chart.

This is the 8th player from the monster 28 man class of 2006 to leave the program in some capacity or another. Transfers: Konrad Reuland (Stanford), Demetrius Jones (Cincinnati), Matt Carufel (Minnesota), Zach Frazer (Conneticut), Munir Prince (Missouri), and the soon to be Richard Jackson (destination unknown, but probably some Florida school). Medical: Bartley Webb. And of course Darrin Walls (personal). Darrin is expected back in the spring.

This puts Notre Dame at 75 scholarship players going into the season barring anymore departures. The NCAA allows 85 scholarship players. This is not a good thing in any shape as it not only looks bad, but it leaves ND short on bodies for depth.

The only “good” news is that this also increases the amount of scholarships the Irish can give to the incoming class of 2009. I sense that a few more offers may go out.