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Random Stops On The Subway

May 5, 2008
Slow news around the Bend, however there are just enough tidbits and freak shows out there (gentleman on the left), to make an impact on the college football scene. So take the time to observe and enjoy randomness at random…

Buzz Bissinger. The complete nutcase pictured and referred to already, has made a crusade against sports blogs. A reporter and writer taking pot shots and criticizing blogs is not brand new, but the manner in which he went completely mental… perhaps.

I was very prepared to put my 2 cents into the situation, but I procrastinated. I’m a blogger, not a journalist so I can admit that and feel good about it as well. Orson at EDSBS put it very eloquently about his journey into the blogosphere. He also just interviewed Buzz himself on his “legit” blog for The Sporting News as some Spencer Hall guy.The only thing I have to offer is this: I am done with journalists. My grandfather was one and spent his life in radio (WOWO) and with then WKJG-33 NBC Fort Wayne. I grew up respecting the profession and the craft. But, it has mutated into a sick virus of know-it-alls and pretenders.

I turned on to blogs about 5 years ago. Why? I can watch the games and understand them myself. I have a brain. I don’t need a writer to go over what happened in a repetitious manner. If I need to experience it again, I’ll watch it again. That is the magic of the Internet and technology. And the commentary they provide these days seems dull and drab. When they try to be comical or satirical, it just comes out as “blah, blah, blah… I’m a douche” (Yes, I’m talking about you Ben Smith of the Journal-Gazette). Blogs ,the good ones anyways, provide that comic relief and FAN insight that I really look for in a piece of writing.

I don’t need to read W.C. Heinz to understand what a zone blitz is and why TAH-NOO-TAH feels the need to blitz every down. I understand football, just give me something to laugh at because a 3-9 season only causes tears.

Bissinger did make a few points when he wasn’t making an ass of himself and has in fact spoken of regret of his actions…

May God have mercy on his soul.

Fighting Irish Football Schedule. I usually try to leave the schedule alone. I don’t meander over it on message boards all day (not that there is anything wrong with that) and I don’t post much about it here on Subway Domer. I have to however, comment on the recent happenings involving Notre Dame and a few of the Big East schools.

UConn and its fans sure are feisty. A 10 year deal? Hell no! Better make it 6. After a debate and vote in the Connecticut state legislature, UConn and the Fighting Irish are set to play 6 games. 3 at Notre Dame Stadium and 3 more at a neutral field such as Gillette Stadium. Good for them. Good for Zach Frazer. Yea Huskies!

Rutgers, the baddest most powerful football program in the universe, ain’t having it. No fucking way are they going to play at a neutral stadium IN THEIR STATE in front of 80,000 plus. Nope. It better be in their house in front of 50,000. That’s how they chop wood.

I really don’t see a big issue with Rutgers trying to act bigger than what they are. If that is the route they want to go, have fun getting nationally televised games by playing Morgan State. I am flipping out on having to wait to see that match-up.

What I do have a problem with is this: On one of’s podcasts, Ivan Maisel and Beano Cook discuss this scheduling practice at length. Beano was saying “Shame on Notre Dame” and “How dare they” when it came to the Rutgers decision. But when speaking about the UConn deal, Beano said that it was O.K. because UConn wanted to do so. But since Rutgers turned the Irish down, Notre Dame is totally in the wrong.

No Beano. You are very wrong. Maisel is kissing your ass because he thinks that he is the heir apparent to the College Football Papacy. I respect Beano Cook very much and look at him as the crazy old uncle I never had. But what kind of logic is that?! It’s O.K. to ask if they say yes, but totally wrong and shameful if you ask and they say no? And Ron Powlus should have won 3 Heisman’s too. Thanks again Beano…

The BCS. This thing is out of control. The BCS Conference commissioners plus Kevin White of Notre Dame decided to scrap all logic and reasoning for a system to stay in place that is as crooked as the mafia. The plus 1 format looks as if it will never see the light of day.

The regular arguments were made in favor of the snub: The regular season would mean less, the season goes too far into the next semester, they have 5 champions now instead of just a measly one, and the BCS is working just fine anyhow.

Are the BCS commissioners running the Iraq war as well? With these kind of statements it would appear so.

If they are that worried about the next semester than all they need to do is put the BCS games back on New Years Day and put the GMAC and International Bowls in December where they should be. Then a week later, National Title. Tah -Dah!

Sadly any kind of playoff will be turned down by the conferences because of their commissioners needs to constantly be fucked up on crystal meth and moonshine.

Lou Holtz. Holtz is going to be inducted into the College Football Hall Of Fame this year. While this is really good news and I am sure the party at the Hall in South Bend will be filled with Die-Hard Irish fans, the ceremony will be missing something. The induction of Tim Brown. How do you win a Heisman and not get inducted right away? Every Heisman winner should automatically be inserted as soon as he is eligible. Except, of course, for that fucking criminal Reggie Bush. He can be there however. Be there when they call Vince Young’s name as Bush hands Vince the trophy that should have been his anyways.

Holtz should be loved forever by Irish fans for this simple stat: 9-1-1. That is his record against the Condoms of USC. Enjoy…