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Link-O-Rama… Because I’m Sitting here

February 6, 2009

A small, but needed, Link-O-Rama for all of you to consume. Please chew carefully.

Random Daze

July 18, 2008

I have been far too busy with real life this week to post anything meaningful… until now of course.

Does Notre Dame Have A New Athletic Director? You bet! If you didn’t know that, then you must not surf the web enough. I am proud to say that I may be the only “regular” Irish blog to not publish a piece about Starbucks. I mean, what the hell is ND thinking? I’m all for hiring edgy prospects, but a cup of coffee? It must be one strong cup of java considering it is also an attorney. At any rate, if you need to read more on this caffeinated hire, please follow this link and don’t forget to ask for a double shot.
Personally, this hire doesn’t mean a whole lot to me. The AD position at Notre Dame is becoming football neutered and unless this cup of brew schedules the “U”… Whoopee.
Notre Dame Is Money. In a recent Journal-Gazette article, it showed that the Fighting Irish football team was the second biggest profiteer in the country behind only Texas. Whatever. Like we didn’t know this. What was interesting was the graph that the paper showed (not on the online article). Ohio State was the biggest spender. How much more? Like $16,000,000.00 more than the next biggest spender. This shouldn’t be big news considering they signed Terrelle Pryor. Add that to court costs, attorney fees, referees, and extra fire trucks and that just about covers that extra $16 million. What will be interesting to see, is how much more they spend this year considering their recruiting class is looking more and more like the #1 class in the country. Need a loan? Go ask Dick Tressel and be sure to tell him that you are really 19, run a 4.4 40 yd dash, and are fucking crazy. You might get it.
Announcing The Conversation. It is bound to come up soon enough. Can’t NBC find ANYONE other than Tom Hammond to announce Notre Dame football? I can actually deal with a former U$C quarterback doing the color commentary, but having the King of Figure Skating bore me to death with his triple axle bullshit, is borderline rape. I realize how horrible it is for Irish fans, but i didn’t know how bad it was for the rest of the world until I spoke with a co-worker and Buckeye fan…

“You’re paying them millions of dollars. Lick their fucking nuts.”

There is one name out there that needs to be researched. Dan Patrick. Dan is a self-announced Subway Alum, and needs a better gig anyways. At least ask his cousin, Jim Lampley. Another season of Hammond is inevitable, but recruiting is never ending.
Speaking Of Recruiting. I don’t mean to end this on a low note, but what is going on with Notre Dame’s Offensive Tackle recruiting thus far. The Fighting Irish have put out 8 offers and of those offers, 4 have committed elsewhere. That leaves 4 offered tackles. Of those four, recruiting experts give the Irish a decent chance at only two of them. Ouch!
In a year where the Irish really needed 2-3 offensive tackle recruits, they are slowly dragging behind. Look for more offers to come out if Indianapolis lineman, Zach Martin, goes elsewhere. This is a major need for this team in trying to establish TRUE depth at a position that in effect controls the offense.
One More Thing. If you haven’t read The Blue-Gray Sky’s recent post about ND’s sack trouble in 2007, you need to do this now. Amazing. Now go practice…

Subway Derailed?

June 7, 2008

Not a fucking chance guy. I have been battling a severe case of workaholism, some sort of bronchial damage that has me wheezing and gasping for breath like a 90 year old, a honey-do list, and have been in a deep football depression. Shit sucks. Oh yea, I have been the main battlefield for a blog war between Irish Band of Brothers and Domer Sports Report. I am staying out of this because it seems insanely childish. I am an IBB reader and enjoy that site. DSR (not Detroit Sports report for yet another Tigers loss) is new- listen Mark, if you want a link… quit begging for one like a child. Keep posting on a regular and when I update my blogrolls in July, you might find yourself there. Or, maybe not at all. I don’t know and don’t care. Ithink you may have been a troll and that doesn’t sit well with the Emporer. We’ll see.

All this has led to a less than stellar effort from myself, The Subway Domer. But, I apologize to no one. It’s fucking summer and I have been enjoying as much as a workaholic, with fucked lungs and a demanding wife can. However, I feel the need to comment on a LOT of things that have gone on in NDNation recently. I won’t sit here and pretend to report on these things as if you did not already know them, but I feel you are owed my commentary on these events.

Let us begin…

May 31st, Kevin White Leaves Notre Dame for same position at Duke. Huh. I wasn’t shocked, but I really didn’t see this thing ending so abruptly.

Kevin White had become a somewhat infamous character in Irish Athletic lore. His scheduling tactics for the football team were unforgivable in the eyes of many alumni and subway alumni. His “barnstorming” theory was a good thing in concept, but was very poorly executed up to this point. His bumbling of George O’Leary and his hiring and firing of Ty Willingham made him a household name.

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter. Here or somewhere else, an insanely hard or easy schedule, or whatever… winning cures all.

So go ahead and search for a new Athletic Director. Bring up names like Holtz, Phelps, and whoever else from the past that you can dig up. It really doesn’t matter if we are winning. It doesn’t. Oh sure, we may bitch about a few things, but we would not be sticking venom into this subject as much as we have been for the last few years. Watch what happens in 2009 and 2010. It may be Kevin White’s fault.

I am by no means an apologist for Dr. White, but he has about as much impact against Michigan and USC as I do.

June 3rd, Chris Zorich returns to Notre Dame as the manager of student welfare and development inside the athletics department. Zorich has become a permanent fixture at Notre Dame during gamedays since Charlie Weis became the Head Coach. This is a similar plot line to another former Irish great. (I said great motherfuckers. Don’t doubt me.) Ron Powlus. Begging in a small administrative role and turning good work into a reward of a coaching position. Maybe Zoro has no aspirations of this, but any fan of his can only hope of having him in Ian Williams or Brandon Newman’s face at practice and on gamedays. Wahoo!

June 5th, Phil Steele is in my mailbox. So much information it gave me a headache and induced my bronchial infection to attack at full scale.

June 5th, Dan Fox committed to the Fighting Irish. The 6’4″ 219 lbs. linebacker from St. Ignatius high school in Cleveland, Ohio gave his verbal pledge to Weis on Thursday and it was a commitment Irish fans have been anticipating.

Dan has a very athletic edge to him and his single greatest attribute has been his ability to cover the pass at his linebacking position.

Dan is the sixth commitment for the class of 2009 and will be a very welcome addition to a class that is looking to keep the momentum going after the 2008 class.

Dan is rated as a 4 star on and turned down offers from Boston College, Michigan State, and Virginia. He chips away another piece of this 2009 class that is forming. With only 19 scholarships available (went up one when Nagel left) Fox represents 2 of the 3 or 4 LB commits for this year. Spots are filling up and the pressure may now be on players such as Jenkins, Te’o, and Telfort.

Now a little video for the archives…

Welcome To ND Dan!!!

June 6th, Alex Bullard commits to Notre Dame. The 6’3″ 285 lbs. guard from Brentwood Academy in Brentwood Tennessee gave his verbal pledge via a news conference most of you who are reading this have already seen.

Alex is the first offensive lineman and the 7th overall to commit to the 2009 incoming class. The first offensive lineman in a class that needs to rake up about 4 or 5 with most of those being tackles. This now leaves the Irish with about 12 or 13 scholarships remaining to give to incoming recruits, and two of those offers are for specialists. Ben Turk, a punter, and Dustin Hopkins, a kicker.

Alex also represents a small trend in Irish recruiting. they are doing well in Tennessee. Alex is the 3rd 4 star recruit to commit to the Irish in as many years. (Harrison Smith and Golden Tate class of 2007). Beating fat Phil in anything is great, but after recruiting losses to Ben Martin, Chris Donald, and Gerald Jones for the 2007 class, recruiting geeks should be joyous in the fact that we received a pledge from an outstanding recruit both on and off of the field.

Once again, spots are filling up and ND might get another boom soon after a few summer visits. Stay tuned to ALL Irish blogs and sites for more info in a very interesting recruiting year.

Welcome to ND Alex!!!

June 7th, Subway Domer stays home from work and actually writes a new post… still not breathing though. However, I did find this piece of youtube footage from the MZone. TAH-NOO-TAH teaching back in the day for the Suckeyes. Notice the extreme lack of f-bombs. What the fuck?!!!

Pryor Hates Dick, But Loves Nuts

March 19, 2008

The wait is over. Michigan sucks and lost out on Terrelle Pryor.

Pryor chose Ohio State, and ensured the Skunkbears demise for at least another year… or two.

Somewhere in Ann Arbor, Lllloyd Carr is trying to talk Dick Rod down from a tall building.


A Cornucopia Of Randomness

January 9, 2008

The College Football season is over. Allow yourself a few minutes to stop screaming and find some composure. But just as in the NFL, the programs are cranking it up and preparing for the future. Whether that be roster moves, recruiting, hitting the weight room, or snorting a kilo of coke and beating up strippers. Well, maybe that last part is reserved for the SEC. Either way, expect big changes for ND over the next few months. With that said, expect more posts from Subway Domer that are filled with a mix of information. Such as these…

A Royal Departure
Notre Dame announced this week that sophomore cornerback Munir Prince will transfer to Missouri. This news is not all that shocking as I and a host of other bloggers and posters on the message boards have posted this. What it is though, is devastating. Over reacting? I don’t think so. Prince came to ND as a RB and saw action right away as a freshman. And right away, Irish fans could see that Prince just did not have the physical size to play as a running back. What he does have is tremendous speed and great hip action. He was moved to cornerback for his sophomore year and saw decent playing time and played well. With ND returning Lambert and Walls as the probable starters at corner, McNeil having played well as a nickel back, and Gary Gray being touted as a great one in the wings, Prince would of had a hard time seeing a lot of playing time this year. Maybe. The greatest jump a player makes upward in his skill set, is from his TRUE sophomore year to his TRUE junior year (more on this in a minute). So we don’t know exactly what all we will be missing until 2009 when Prince takes the field for Mizzu. What we will be missing is competition at not only cornerback, but as a punt and kick returner. Not only that, but after the 2008 season, ND’s depth chart at CB may look a little thin. Good luck to Munir.

Webb Out
Sophomore offensive lineman Bartley Webb is no longer able to play football due to injury. He will remain at ND as a student because ND is an institution of integrity. Had this been say…Florida, Meyer would have Bartley shunned, Amish style.

The Disappearing Class
After the Prince transfer and the Webb incident, the incoming class of 2006 is falling in numbers… again. That puts the total number of ’06 kids that are no longer on the team to 6. It could have been 7 if it wasn’t for Chris Stewart’s dad. Plus, the other names that have been tossed around as possible transfer candidates are ALL from this class. It was Charlies first recruiting class that he put together. It was ranked in the top 8 and produced 28 commits. What is truly disappointing is what I stated in the Munir Prince piece. Historically, the biggest improvement for a player is between his sophomore year and his junior year. This means a big loss in depth and quality play out of the Irish roster. Now I can say with total confidence that Demetrius Jones and Zach Frazer would still be sitting on the bench next year, they (along with Reuland, Carufel, Webb, and Prince) would still provide the depth, competition, and scout play that is needed for a team to improve in the off-season and the season itself. In no way is this class shaping up to be like the incoming class of 2004 in which 10 out of the 17 commits were no longer on the team last year… more than HALF!!! (Of those 10, Banda was a medical release as Webb is now and Darius Walker left early for the NFL) That class was also one of the worst in Irish history on a talent basis alone. Notre Dame faced a lot of problems this year because of that 2004 class. The Irish must retain the rest of this class if it wants to avoid a similar situation (although not nearly as severe) in the future.

Fifth Year Fever
Notre Dame released 3 names of players applying for graduate school that would make them eligible for a 5th year at the university. Maurice Crum Jr., Justin Brown, and Terrail Lambert are the 3 players. This will put ND at an 80 man roster right now, if the recruiting class stays intact. The quota is 85. This means that ND, which has 22 commits right now, can add 5 more recruits to its class. (The max class is 25 unless there are early enrollees and ND has 2 this year in Cwynar and Robinson). This is highly unlikely as ND has only 5 other REAL offers (Datone Jones, Kapron Lewis-Moore, Mike Martin, Kenneth Page, and Cyrus Gray) out to prospects right now. I really only see 2 maybe 3 of these guys committing to ND. 3 of the 5 (Jones, Kapron, and Martin) are already committed elsewhere but have visits scheduled with ND for this month. Weis spoke before the ’07 season and said after this year he would probably not be able to offer schollies to walk-ons next year. It looks as if that will be changed. Look for Mike Anello to receive one as a special teams phenom.

Ian Williams was named to the Football Writers Association of America’s All-American Team. This is a little bit of a surprise. Not that Ian played great and deserved this recognition, but the fact that 2 other Freshman A.A. lists had Ian no higher than 3rd team. The writers finally got something right. Ian played well on the field and showed great emotion and vigor as well. Williams should be the starting NT next year if they move Kuntz out to DE. Even if Pat stays at NT, this will create a solid rotation at the position. Congratulations Ian, on this achievement.

Rumors have surfaced about the head coaching job at Purdue. It seems as if the Athletic Director is sniffing around for a possible heir to the toilet as early as 2009. Nothing has been officially released and the University is only saying that Wilford Brimley will be their coach in 2008. Brimley needs only two wins next year to become the all time winningest coach at Purdue. It got me thinking. W.B. has been there 11 years. This has been their best 11 year run in school history. Arguably. And in that time, Purdue is 5-6 against the Irish. ND has had their worst 11 year stretch and still Purdue could not even get above .500. Medicrity is best served warm… like oatmeal.

Hunting Wolverines
It is official. According to The Detroit News, Manningham, Arrington, and Mallett are no longer skunkbears. Mario and Adrian are entering the draft and Mallett is looking to transfer. But, no official word has come from the players themselves. This comes from R. Rod. He is such a prick, these guys won’t talk to him. This is a disaster for Michigan… and I’m laughing my ass off.

Buckeyes Are The Bills of College Football
Once again Ohio State was in the title game this year. And once again, they got their ass kicked. Allow me to be the first to predict the national champs for next year. It’s Georgia’s turn to kick the Bucks in the nuts.

Why Games At ND Are Better

October 30, 2007

Visitors do not have to endure this kind of BS. (Warning: Violence and lots of swearing)
I have no love for the Buckeyes, but the PSU students are cowards that will be dealt with the next time they are in Columbus. I live in Ohio dicks.

McCarthy Is Not A Buckeye…Hell, He’s Not Even A Skunkbear

July 17, 2007

Notre Dame received its 18th verbal commitment yesterday from Dan McCarthy. McCarthy (6’2″ 190lbs) a safety from Cardinal Mooney High School in Youngstown Ohio made the pledge at a press conference at his high school. Dan chose the Irish over in-state power Ohio State as well as offers from LSU, Oklahoma, and the theme of the year… the Skunkbears of Michigan.

Check out the FREE videos at Irish Illustrated.

WOO HOO! Fist Pumps and Shots All Around!

Welcome To ND Danny Boy!!!

Copycats, Copybucks, Copymakers And So Forth

May 21, 2007

You saw this coming, right? Have you been saving up the comebacks? For as long as Notre Dame has had its T.V. contract with NBC, the fans of the Big Integer have dogged ND about it. Well, maybe their contempt was out of pure jealousy.
On Friday the 18th, The Big Ten network sent out a letter to bloggers intergerwide. Here are the contents:

Hey Everyone,On Monday, May 21st, I will be sending you an open letter from Mark Silverman, president of the Big Ten Network regarding some key questions/answers that Big Ten fans have about the network. Also, we are planning an open Webchat with Mark Silverman on the site on Thursday, May 24th at 1:00 p.m. EDT. I hope you can join us.
If possible, will you please share this letter and promote the Webchat on your individual sites, it would be much appreciated. Also, we are planning something special for you all in support of the network. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact me.
Take care and have a great weekend!

Bribery. Get the word out and get some treats. The best news about this new network is that the great games of Indiana VS. Northwestern or Illinois VS. Minnesota will now be seen on their network and not on ESPN. Now ESPN can fill its slots up with Duke VS. East Carolina or Baylor VS. Rice.
This is of course, an obvious cash grab for another greedy conference. Yes, this network is going to show more than just football, but let’s face it…football is king and the nucleus. This is another direction the big conference schools are going to further line their pockets with dough. This is why you will NEVER see a playoff in 1A or even a plus one game.
Say what you will about ND and NBC. The fact is, is that ND goes with the flow of the other Universities and does what it must to survive as an independent. The conferences are trying to do all they can to destroy that. Their money means control and to do things their way. If it weren’t for the NBC contract, ND may be forced into doing things it doesn’t want to do as far as scheduling and so forth.
Try as they might, no Big Integer school will EVER have the draw or the prestige of ND… but they will try.

Ohio/Florida: Agony of Defeat

January 11, 2007 is blowing balls and keeps removing my vids. I am sorry for any inconvenience

This is not a celebration of Florida. This is a bitchslap to OSU. Screw Urban da Liar and his band of illiterate men. I hope he sent a hooker to Zook for the players he got to start out with.

41-14 No, Not Another Sugar Bowl Talk

January 10, 2007