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Ouch…And Thank God

May 24, 2007

The earlier reports of D.J. having been arrested were true. However, it appears that they failed to mention that the charges were dropped. The South Bend Tribune reported this today.

This is great news. However I kind of feel cheated. I mean, now our Fulmer Cup points will be rescinded. Looks like Penn State, Purdue, and the like will not have the Irish to battle in this one.

Jones Arrested. Oh Dear Kyle!

May 24, 2007

It has been reported by WSBT that Notre Dame Quarterback, Demetrius Jones, was arrested on Marijuana possession.

Notre Dame Quarterback Arrested
Demetrius Jones was picked up in LaPorte County May 17th on a marijuana possession charge. He bonded out of jail that night.
The LaPorte County prosecutor’s office says he has been charged with a misdemeanor possession charge. A university spokesman says Jones remain enrolled, and to his knowledge, is currently in good standing.
Last year, ND basketball player Kyle McAlarney was arrested for marijuana possession. He was suspended from the team and kicked out of school with the chance to return. St. Joseph County drug charges against him were dropped if he met certain conditions.
He’s supposed to be back in class this fall and could be back already.

I will not go into wild speculation about this arrest but I can guarantee you a few things…

  1. ND now has points in the Fulmer Cup.
  2. The QB race is down to 3 with less than a week to go.
  3. The Kyle McAlarney incident will have a huge effect on this matter.

Stay tuned for more.