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10,000 Lakes Are Not Enough To Ease The Pain Of Being Inferior To Weis

June 13, 2007

Recently it was announced that Notre Dame would not play The Golden Gophers in the future. This was a decision made by Kevin White (ND A.D.), because it did not fit in with his scheduling plan.
O.K. fair enough. But apparently it does not rub well with new Minnesota Head Coach Tim Brewster. The following is a post found on It may or may not be true… but how does one make this stuff up?
So I just moved into a new apartment, and it so happens that Tim Brewster, the new U of MN coach, lives in the same place. Last week there was a “meet and greet” for the coach, and he gave his spiel about how great things would be for the MN Gophers, how they were changing the program around, and how excited they were to be moving into a new stadium in ’09. He repeatedly made the statement “we need to keep Minnesota players in Minnesota” and told the crowd if anybody was from Cretin-Derham, to spread that message. I went up to him afterwards and told him congrats and good luck, but that I was from ND and we might be recruiting the same Minnesota players. In what I can only describe as bizarre, Brewster basically went off on me, saying how sick he was Notre Dame and our arrogance, pompous attitudes, and fear of playing Minnesota in their new stadium. When I told him it was the collective opinion of ND fans that it was our athletic director who wouldn’t budge the schedule, he went off on Weis of all people, called him a “slob, a disgrace to Notre Dame, with his dirty mouth and appearance” or something similar. He said Notre Dame could never recruit another Minnesota player until Weis was under 350 pounds. This whole time I was kind of in awe that another D1 coach could be so tactless, especially around somebody who he had never met. I should have asked him if had a Notre Dame opt out clause in his contract, like Holtz. Oh well. But now I really wish we would play them in for their first game in the new stadium.
Truly, jaw dropping. Now imagine what he says to recruits about Weis and the Irish. I hope Floyd has earplugs. High schools kids should not be subjected to what is clearly an elementary mind.
Tim Brewster…you are a dork.