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September 17, 2009

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September 10, 2009

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September 7, 2009

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August 19, 2009

Wu Am I? Masta Cow & Tha Desperate Vandal

July 30, 2009

Welcome to another edition of Wu Am I? for the 2009 season. Once again- I am trying to identify the 36 players of impact for the 2009 squad. So without any further bullshit, I open chambers 25 & 26…

Dan Wenger #51
6’4″ 302 lbs.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Wu Name: Masta Cow

The future was so bright for Dan when he committed to Notre Dame in December of 2005. He chose the irish over a host of schools, but most notably; Florida and Oklahoma.Unfortunately, Dans progress was slowed by injury in his freshman year and he had to red-shirt. He did practice about half the year, and was mentioned by the staff as a rising talent that was doing very well on the scout team. In 2007, Wenger started out at right guard and started the last two games of the season at center. 2008 saw Wenger starting at center, but something just wasn’t right. He was called the “weak link” on the weakest unit. That’s about as bad as on can be described.

It has been rumored that, in 2009, Eric Olsen will slide over to center and Trevor Robinson will move to left guard, while Wenger would be forced to the bench. I have no way to confirm, or deny that that situation will happen. So, why have such an unknown on this list? Because in one way or another, Wenger will impact this team greatly. He is known as a very hard worker. I believe that if he takes his work ethic and applies it to what Verducci is trying to get across- he will be a nice surprise for the offensive line. If he doesn’t, Notre Dame may be forced to start a guy at center that is not a “natural” center. This is just as important as the left tackle. Camp starts in a little over a week. The answers should start to surface some short time after that. I hope- and i believe that Wenger can overcome the demons that are haunting him and produce.

Toryan Smith #49
6’1″ 244 lbs.
Rome, Georgia
Wu Name: Tha Desperate Vandal

Toryan was a wanted man. He held offers from all over the country, including; Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and others. He chose Notre Dame in December of 2005 after Notre Dame accepted a bid to play in the Fiesta Bowl. Toryan saw a little action in his freshman year, as he was used on the goaline and on special teams. In 2007, Toryan saw his role increase some- but basically he did exactly what he did in 2006. He did not play against Navy in 2007, and after watching his play against the Middies in 2008, I wonder if the game would have ended differently had he played. Smith was very much the same player in all of his first 3 seasons.

2009. Smith has been listed as the starter at Mike in 2009, after Brian Smith was moved outside in the spring. How long will this last? Some believe it is just a matter of time before Te’o comes in as a freshman and starts- whether at OLB or MLB. Where would this leave Toryan? Playing the same role as he has his entire career. Like Wenger, Smith makes a huge impact in a different kind of way. Will he be able to finally become that big, hard hitting LB in the middle- that is entrenched as the starter? Or will he be surpassed? Personally, I think he will see the most playing time against running teams such as Pitt, Navy, and Michigan State. His lack of speed has been his Achilles heel, but some inside the program have hinted that he looks much quicker in 2009. He is desperate in his final year. Desperate and hungry. I like that combination.

Toryan Smith and Jimmy… The Odd Couple

April 9, 2009

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