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Head West Young Man

July 24, 2009

According to the South Bend Tribune, sophomore walk-on quarterback, Nate Montana, will leave Notre Dame. He intends to enroll at Pasadena City College (JUCO) to help get himself some valuable game experience. He plans to re-enroll at Notre Dame in the spring of 2010.

Nate was listed as the 3rd quarterback coming into the spring, but Evan Sharpley exercised his fifth year option to return to the Irish football team in 2009. This most assuredly dropped Nate to the 4th string.

While in high school, Nate concentrated on basketball, and when he did play football, the team ran a “Wing T” option offense. This did not help Nate get the reps he needed to compete at the Div. 1 level… yet.

I wish Nate good luck in Cali (stay the hell away from the Poodle), and I hope he does return to ND in the spring.

Please keep in mind that Nate is doing this to try and better himself athletically and that this is not personal or academic in ant way. I personally think that Montana should be praised for his humility and for his determination to become a better QB- “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!”

Will Yeatman To Transfer

December 15, 2008

It’s not quite official, but The Journal-Gazette is reporting that Notre Dame tight end Will Yeatman will transfer from Notre Dame.

Although no school was mentioned in the article, rumors have surrounded this situation for about a week now. Most of those rumors have Will transferring to North Carolina to play both football and lacrosse.

Will had a bumpy ride at Notre Dame with a DUI arrest last spring and a minor consumption charge after the Michigan State game. I’m not sure how much these events played into his decision, or if a glimpse at the future depth chart and seeing Kyle Rudolph and Mike Ragone the most likely starters in 2009 swayed him. In any case, this is not a huge loss for the football program. The lacrosse team may disagree.

Will had only 8 catches for 43 yards in his career at Notre Dame.

This certainly opens up a chance for Joseph Fauria, Tyler Eifert, and Jake Golic to compete in 2009 as the 3rd tight end.

Good luck to Will in his future endeavors.

Richard Jackson And The Disappearing Juniors

August 15, 2008

Richard Jackson has decided to leave the program. A free article is up at BGI.

The depth Notre Dame has acquired at WR was pushing the talented yet often injured Jackson further and further down the depth chart.

This is the 8th player from the monster 28 man class of 2006 to leave the program in some capacity or another. Transfers: Konrad Reuland (Stanford), Demetrius Jones (Cincinnati), Matt Carufel (Minnesota), Zach Frazer (Conneticut), Munir Prince (Missouri), and the soon to be Richard Jackson (destination unknown, but probably some Florida school). Medical: Bartley Webb. And of course Darrin Walls (personal). Darrin is expected back in the spring.

This puts Notre Dame at 75 scholarship players going into the season barring anymore departures. The NCAA allows 85 scholarship players. This is not a good thing in any shape as it not only looks bad, but it leaves ND short on bodies for depth.

The only “good” news is that this also increases the amount of scholarships the Irish can give to the incoming class of 2009. I sense that a few more offers may go out.

Walls And Hord

July 13, 2008

On Friday Notre Dame announced the departure of starting Junior cornerback, Darrin Walls.

Cornerback Darrin Walls will not be enrolled at Notre Dame during the fall
semester for personal reasons and will return home at the end of this summer
school term.“We won’t have Darrin with us this season but I hope to have him
return for the spring semester. Fortunately, cornerback is a position of
strength on our team and this will provide opportunities for increased playing
time for our corners,” Irish head coach Charlie Weis said.

Walls is arguably the best defensive player on an improving Irish pass defense. His 9 pass breakups were the most on the team last year, and Darrin was looking to become that shutdown corner Notre Dame has not had since Shane Walton. The team does have nice depth at corner, but anytime you lose a starter for an entire year, it will greatly effect the level of play by the unit.

The good news is that numerous people close to the Walls family have stated that Darrin will be back at the university in the Spring. This is a situation that closely resembles the Pat Kuntz ordeal from this past spring. Hopefully, Walls can take care of whatever personal issues that exist just as Kuntz has done.

Also on Friday, Notre Dame announced that Senior Wide Receiver D.J. Hord would be transferring from Notre Dame to a NCAA 1-AA (FCS) school to complete his two years of eligibility.

Wide receiver D.J. Hord has decided to leave the Notre Dame football team and
will transfer to a Division I-AA school.”I’d like to thank D.J. for all he has
given to this team in his three years and wish him well in his future
endeavors,” Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis said.

D.J. came to Notre Dame as a very highly touted recruit with pure speed. His freshman year he was on a depth chart that included Rhema McKnight, Maurice Stovall, Matt Shelton, and some guy named Samardzija. During the Spring of his sophomore year he had a devastating achilles heel tear and was unable to try and become the “3rd” WR on the depth chart. He sat out 2006. In 2007 he just was never able fully recover from his injury and logged just 2 catches for 7 yards.

Two For One

May 28, 2008

The Irish depth chart gets a little shakeup this week. Defensive End Pat Kuntz and Tight End Will Yeatman are back with the Irish. Which is a huge. Most fans expected them to return, but nothing is final until it is… well, final. These two are returning as the most likely starters at their positions. (Yeatman plays a different type of TE than Ragone. Both will have ample playing time.)

The Irish do lose a player, however, in redshirt freshman ILB Aaron Nagel. Nagel has decided to transfer to another school as he felt that he was buried on the depth chart.

Here is a link to a free article at about Nagel’s decision.

The only comment I have is a small warning. The Irish are walking into 2008 with 7 unused scholarships after Nagel leaves. People talk about how transfers are a sign of a healthy program… The lesser quality players leave and it opens up scholarships for more elite prospects. I call bullshit. Maybe in 2010 this is a viable answer, but not in 2008 after a 3-9 year and 7 schollies under the limit. We are not talking about a a soon to be junior that will never see the field. This is a soon to be sophomore with 4 years of eligibility left. It isn’t the end of the world and yes, Nagel would probably be buried on the depth chart come August, but you never know. I am glad that he is leaving on good terms and it doesn’t devastate the program, but I am not doing jumping jacks either. Depth wins championships ALL THE WAY DOWN.

Good luck to Aaron, who will be deciding to attend either Northwestern (where his brother will be a frosh), Vanderbilt, or Illinois.

Welcome back Pat and Will. Prepare for skunkbear hunting.

A Cornucopia Of Randomness

January 9, 2008

The College Football season is over. Allow yourself a few minutes to stop screaming and find some composure. But just as in the NFL, the programs are cranking it up and preparing for the future. Whether that be roster moves, recruiting, hitting the weight room, or snorting a kilo of coke and beating up strippers. Well, maybe that last part is reserved for the SEC. Either way, expect big changes for ND over the next few months. With that said, expect more posts from Subway Domer that are filled with a mix of information. Such as these…

A Royal Departure
Notre Dame announced this week that sophomore cornerback Munir Prince will transfer to Missouri. This news is not all that shocking as I and a host of other bloggers and posters on the message boards have posted this. What it is though, is devastating. Over reacting? I don’t think so. Prince came to ND as a RB and saw action right away as a freshman. And right away, Irish fans could see that Prince just did not have the physical size to play as a running back. What he does have is tremendous speed and great hip action. He was moved to cornerback for his sophomore year and saw decent playing time and played well. With ND returning Lambert and Walls as the probable starters at corner, McNeil having played well as a nickel back, and Gary Gray being touted as a great one in the wings, Prince would of had a hard time seeing a lot of playing time this year. Maybe. The greatest jump a player makes upward in his skill set, is from his TRUE sophomore year to his TRUE junior year (more on this in a minute). So we don’t know exactly what all we will be missing until 2009 when Prince takes the field for Mizzu. What we will be missing is competition at not only cornerback, but as a punt and kick returner. Not only that, but after the 2008 season, ND’s depth chart at CB may look a little thin. Good luck to Munir.

Webb Out
Sophomore offensive lineman Bartley Webb is no longer able to play football due to injury. He will remain at ND as a student because ND is an institution of integrity. Had this been say…Florida, Meyer would have Bartley shunned, Amish style.

The Disappearing Class
After the Prince transfer and the Webb incident, the incoming class of 2006 is falling in numbers… again. That puts the total number of ’06 kids that are no longer on the team to 6. It could have been 7 if it wasn’t for Chris Stewart’s dad. Plus, the other names that have been tossed around as possible transfer candidates are ALL from this class. It was Charlies first recruiting class that he put together. It was ranked in the top 8 and produced 28 commits. What is truly disappointing is what I stated in the Munir Prince piece. Historically, the biggest improvement for a player is between his sophomore year and his junior year. This means a big loss in depth and quality play out of the Irish roster. Now I can say with total confidence that Demetrius Jones and Zach Frazer would still be sitting on the bench next year, they (along with Reuland, Carufel, Webb, and Prince) would still provide the depth, competition, and scout play that is needed for a team to improve in the off-season and the season itself. In no way is this class shaping up to be like the incoming class of 2004 in which 10 out of the 17 commits were no longer on the team last year… more than HALF!!! (Of those 10, Banda was a medical release as Webb is now and Darius Walker left early for the NFL) That class was also one of the worst in Irish history on a talent basis alone. Notre Dame faced a lot of problems this year because of that 2004 class. The Irish must retain the rest of this class if it wants to avoid a similar situation (although not nearly as severe) in the future.

Fifth Year Fever
Notre Dame released 3 names of players applying for graduate school that would make them eligible for a 5th year at the university. Maurice Crum Jr., Justin Brown, and Terrail Lambert are the 3 players. This will put ND at an 80 man roster right now, if the recruiting class stays intact. The quota is 85. This means that ND, which has 22 commits right now, can add 5 more recruits to its class. (The max class is 25 unless there are early enrollees and ND has 2 this year in Cwynar and Robinson). This is highly unlikely as ND has only 5 other REAL offers (Datone Jones, Kapron Lewis-Moore, Mike Martin, Kenneth Page, and Cyrus Gray) out to prospects right now. I really only see 2 maybe 3 of these guys committing to ND. 3 of the 5 (Jones, Kapron, and Martin) are already committed elsewhere but have visits scheduled with ND for this month. Weis spoke before the ’07 season and said after this year he would probably not be able to offer schollies to walk-ons next year. It looks as if that will be changed. Look for Mike Anello to receive one as a special teams phenom.

Ian Williams was named to the Football Writers Association of America’s All-American Team. This is a little bit of a surprise. Not that Ian played great and deserved this recognition, but the fact that 2 other Freshman A.A. lists had Ian no higher than 3rd team. The writers finally got something right. Ian played well on the field and showed great emotion and vigor as well. Williams should be the starting NT next year if they move Kuntz out to DE. Even if Pat stays at NT, this will create a solid rotation at the position. Congratulations Ian, on this achievement.

Rumors have surfaced about the head coaching job at Purdue. It seems as if the Athletic Director is sniffing around for a possible heir to the toilet as early as 2009. Nothing has been officially released and the University is only saying that Wilford Brimley will be their coach in 2008. Brimley needs only two wins next year to become the all time winningest coach at Purdue. It got me thinking. W.B. has been there 11 years. This has been their best 11 year run in school history. Arguably. And in that time, Purdue is 5-6 against the Irish. ND has had their worst 11 year stretch and still Purdue could not even get above .500. Medicrity is best served warm… like oatmeal.

Hunting Wolverines
It is official. According to The Detroit News, Manningham, Arrington, and Mallett are no longer skunkbears. Mario and Adrian are entering the draft and Mallett is looking to transfer. But, no official word has come from the players themselves. This comes from R. Rod. He is such a prick, these guys won’t talk to him. This is a disaster for Michigan… and I’m laughing my ass off.

Buckeyes Are The Bills of College Football
Once again Ohio State was in the title game this year. And once again, they got their ass kicked. Allow me to be the first to predict the national champs for next year. It’s Georgia’s turn to kick the Bucks in the nuts.

Monday Morning Fact Slap

October 15, 2007

Well, it has been a few days and I’m still puking my guts out over Saturdays performance. The word tragic can not describe vividly enough the way this season has gone from the beginning. The worst part is, I’m not sure who to blame. There is someone to blame, right? Of course there is but it definitely isn’t one person.

But enough of all that. Here’s a little rundown on what is going on with the program, general comments, and generally a mild vent/rant. More will come about the B.C. game later.

  • Matt Carufel has decided to leave Notre Dame. Weis gave this statement:

    “I spoke via telephone with Matt Carufel Sunday evening, and he informed me he
    was going to leave the team and withdraw from the University of Notre Dame. I
    appreciate all Matt has done for Notre Dame and wish him nothing but the best.”

    Carufel is the 3rd player to transfer during this season following Demetrius Jones and Konrad Reuland out of South Bend. He is the 4th since the spring, when Zach Frazer decided to depart after becoming the 4th man in the quarterback race. Matt is deciding between Iowa and that dork Tim Brewster. All of the players that have left this season have been from the 2006 recruiting class. Chris Stewart tried as well… and Daddy sent him back to honor his COMMITMENT. The 2006 class was supposed to be the foundation of the future. But that is becoming as rocky as the season has been.

  • Sharpley must be the starter against USC and for the rest of the season. This is becoming obvious to anyone paying attention to Notre Dame Football this year. Evan has that “gunslinger ” mentality that this team desperately needs to compete. This is NOT a slam on Clausen. I think Jimmy will do very well at ND in the future, but the present is Evan. Sharpley should have started from game one this year. Jimmy still needs more time to develop as a college QB. He just doesn’t make the throws down field to keep a defense honest. Whether Jimmy is still having arm trouble or he just doesn’t want to make a mistake and is thinking too much in the pocket, it doesn’t really matter. Evan will take those chances because I think he feels that he has nothing too lose. The team responds, because they want that chance too.
  • The running game is atrocious. This fact alone may be the most puzzling outcome of what has happened so far this year. All of ND Nation believed we would be able to run the ball. The majority of us felt that with the departure of Darius Walker we would be able to open the floodgates with a stable of seemingly more than capable backs in Aldridge, Hughes, Allen, Thomas, and Jabbie. But there are definitive reasons for the lack of success running the football. 1) We have no real threat of throwing the ball downfield unless Golden Tate is running a fly route. Teams are jamming the line of scrimmage with bodies and plugging any holes quickly. 8 or 9 men in the box has not been uncommon for the opposing team to show. 2) The line is not physical. A truly sad fact. They are not pushing bodies around to make the necessary hole for the backs to run through. This looks like another finesse type of line as the last 2 years have been. 3) The loss of veteran wideouts on the outside is hurting the downfield blocking schemes. The younger guys must do a better job of locking on to their man and pest block them. Take a tape of 2005 and watch Mo Stovall. 4) I see no real burst from the backs at the line of scrimmage. I am not saying that there is no speed at the position, only that they all lack that ability to see that seam and WHOOP blow through that hole. I think Allen possesses this and Hughes and Aldridge can make up for a smaller amount with their power style, but no one is USING it.
  • The defense needs help. This help has to come from the offense. Giving short fields to an opposing offense is like giving crack to an addict… they’re going to smoke it. This has been the constant Achilles heel for the ND defense. While they play very well at times and the past two games have finally put good pressure on the quarterback… they still are not a great defense that can carry you through the season. The progress that Corwin Brown has made has been outstanding, but the yards ND allows on the ground has to be cut considerably more if the Irish want to beat these elite teams. A huge test is coming Saturday in USC and their 67 running backs.
  • Special teams are (insert cliche’). If you didn’t guess it, the term is: not so special. Aside from the freakish abilities of Trevor Laws to block field goals this area is VERY disappointing. Teams are kicking the ball to Zibby on punts, but he has no where to go. The few times that there has been a seam and gets a big return, I see a yellow rag lying on the ground. Kick returns are just as bad. I can only scream “BLOCK SOMEBODY!!!” so many time a game. Returners are getting gobbled up like M&Ms.

This review may seem a little negative and harsh, but it is certainly true. I have been pulling on silver linings all season long, but there comes a time when things that are so insanely obvious that they must be called out. There is a lot of hope for the future (and I will get to that this week) but the present fucking sucks!

Reuland To Transfer

September 24, 2007

Konrad Reuland is leaving Notre Dame. No word on where he is going to transfer to. This is the 3rd player to transfer this year and all of them were from this sophomore class (Frazer and Jones).