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Wu-Banga Tuesday… There’s A Method

September 23, 2008

Here we are with another Wu-Banga MVP post…

Michael Floyd. Floyd is making a name for himself out on the field very quickly. The true freshman represents the lone score for the Irish against Michigan State. His fumble was heartbreaking to say it mildly, but the way he plays every down is very refreshing. His routes will get better and the plays will get bigger.

Raeshon McNeil. McNeil has been very solid this year. The Irish needed him to step up in place of Darrin Walls, and Raeshon has done just that. He will go against his toughest test so far this season, Saturday versus Purdue. McNeil should make a statement Saturday, because he will have ample chances going against that type of offense. Look for multiple big plays.

Wu-Banga Tuesday… Therapy

September 16, 2008

Therapeutic. That’s what a win over a big rival feels like for the next week. It doesn’t last long with another rivalry game coming up for the Irish.

So here we go with another Wu-Banga MVP edition:

David Bruton. The man was everywhere for the Irish against Michigan. People can say what they want about the game and how those fucking skunkbears “gave ND the game.” FUCK THAT! Bruton took what he wanted with 15 tackles (1.5 TFL) a forced fumble inside the 5 and an interception inside the 5 as well. David Bruton’s new name is “Mr. Impossible The Redzone Killah.”

Brian Smith. Javon Ringer carried the ball 43 times for 282 yards against Florida Atlantic last week. Brian Smith has to, and will step up and make Ringer wish he got hurt against FAU. In the first two games, Irish opponents used a pass spread and a run spread as their primary offensive attack. MSU is more of a traditional power offense, meaning nothing more than they like to line up in a “I” formation or double tight “ACE” and run the shit out of the ball. Look for Smith to be everywhere the ball carrier is and bringing a lot of violence with him.

Wu-Banga Tuesday… Golden Arms

September 9, 2008

Welcome to the first real edition of WU-Banga Tuesday. Basically this is a congratulatory post to what I believe was the MVP of the previous week and my prediction for this weeks MVP.

Golden Tate. Was there any doubt about it? Tate looked spectacular on an otherwise unspectacular day. The best thing about Tate’s emergence Saturday, was that he was running ALL types of routes. He worked hard in the off-season to become a more polished WR and it looks as though the hard work is paying off.

Maurice Crum. Mo has played in 3 previous Skunkbear battles and he will be looking to lead the defense to victory in a game that might just be decided by a big defensive play.

Here’s to you boys…

Procrastination + Too Many Tasks = Nothing

August 26, 2008

So I fucked up a wee bit. I had this whole “Wu Am I?” series going on for the Irish players that I thought were going to be the players with the biggest impact in 2008. But, due to an over abundance of B.S. that comes along in everyday life and the fact that this is only a “free time” venture, I have failed to complete the task ahead of me.


However, I am going to make it up to all of you Killah Bees out there and add a new weekly feature for the season. I already have Bagpipe Monday and it looks as if a lot of you are enjoying that little bit of piping beauty, so now I bring you Wu Banga Tuesday.

Every Tuesday I will provide the players of the week. This will include the player I foresee to have a huge game on Saturday and it will have the player that had the biggest game from the Saturday before. MVPs if you will.

Seeing as this is the bye week, I will wait until next week to drop the first one of the year, but I will give a shout out to Kyle Rudolph for breaking into the depth chart as the #1 TE. He’s coming up…